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15 Essential Books To Read Before Starting In Real Estate

Posted by chris on November 6, 2019
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Forbes Real Estate Council


Expert Panel, Forbes Real Estate Council

Successful executives in the real estate industry from Forbes Real Estate Council share firsthand tips & insight.

The real estate market can a difficult industry to get going in successfully, especially when you’re first starting out. Having a better understanding of what’s important to focus on can mean the difference between making a savvy investment and buying a headache, and one of the best ways to develop the skills you need is to read about the experiences or study the advice of those who came before you.

This means that before deciding to enter the field, you should familiarize yourself with the prevailing wisdom of the professionals already working there, as well as gain a better understanding of some of the other aspects of the industry. To help, 15 members of Forbes Real Estate Council, below, share some of the essential books people new to real estate should read in order to get a feeling for what approaches work well when investing, or gain important perspective on business operations.

1. The Book On Investing In Real Estate

Most beginners think that you need a lot of capital to get into real estate investing. The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down: Real Life Strategies for Investing in Real Estate Using Other People’s Money by Brandon Turner will teach you how to get into real estate investing with very little money. The strategies taught in this book are the same strategies I implemented to launch my real estate investing career when I had very little money of my own to invest. – Ben Grise,

2. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

A very useful book is The Millionaire Real Estate Investor. In it, the author, Gary Keller of Keller Williams, interviews over 100 millionaire real estate investors. Learning from previously successful investors is critical to any beginner’s success. – Joshua Fraser, Estated

3. One Rental At A Time