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Chris Ryan


“My services are comprehensive and I walk my clients through the entire process. Let me put my excellent communication and negotiation skills to work for you.”
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[su_heading size=”13″]“Being straight-forward and honest is imperative in establishing my client’s trust. Integrity is the cornerstone of my business.” – CHRIS RYAN[/su_heading]
Chris Ryan was born and raised in British Columbia and has a deep passion for helping people succeed in the real estate market. He wanted to give the best service but he was only one agent and couldn’t imagine properly serving all of his clients over such a vast area.
So it started with just an idea, if he was going to put a team together it would have to be the best team with the most amount of resources. In order for that to work he had to find elite agents with the same integrity and knowledge of their local areas and a similar passion to helping people succeed in the market. This group of agents would have to also speak several different languages to help serve the growing population of international buyers. Chris Ryan specializes in the Vancouver real estatemarket and is the sole owner of Luxury Lifestyles real estate.
[su_heading size=”12″]“My intention is to educate you and provide you with professional advice and guidance so that you can make informed decisions and have a greater understanding of the real estate process. Our goal is to provide a level of service that exceeds your expectations.”[/su_heading]
Chris Ryan felt that living in Vancouver is a Luxury on its own, as it’s the number 1 most expensive real estate market in North American and number 2 most expensive market in the world. His clients come from all walks of life from financial planners, lawyers, athletes, bankers, celebrities, doctors, developers to everyday 9-5 people. Chris Ryan has a standalone reputation as one of the most heartfelt, hardworking and loyal agents in in his field. He also has a large data base of buyer’s expanding all over the world from Europe, India, Caribbean, Iran, Dubai, China and South & North America.
The reason Chris Ryan has so many buyers from other Countries is he is the main lead operator for Locate homes which has over a million page views a month from buyers all over the world. Chris Ryan welcomes you to contact him if you need any help with any real estate matters.
Aside from being a great realtor, he is an author, speaker and philanthropist who’s mission in life is to make this world a better place to live in for this generations and those to come..

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